Commissions and Pricing

Prices are in US dollars unless otherwise specified, and exclude shipping. Discounts available for STA"M work based on need -- feel free to ask about this. 

Mezuzah scroll: $30
Wooden mezuzah case, various designs: $45
Qelafim (scrolls) for tefilin: $400
Kethubah: $1.50/word, extra for art
Megilah:  Contact for more information
Torah: Contact for more information
Print of existing linocut: $25 (see a sample of those available, or enquire for more options)
Custom 3 x 5 inch linocut: $125
Custom 8.5 x 11 inch linocut: $200

Custom calligraphy commissions are available on the same pricing scale as linocuts (contact me to inquire about larger sizes). Artwork may also be commissioned in other media such as painting and ink. I am always particularly interested in depicting the folkloric, the occult, and the downright odd.

For those in Ontario, an initial assessment and light repair of Torah scrolls will cost $60 Canadian/hour. More intense inspection and repair costs $25 Canadian/hour. After the whole scroll has been gone through once by me, any touchup work is free, as long as you bring me the scroll, regardless of how much time has elapsed, as long as what I'm repairing is on one yiriah (parchment sheet). It is critical that maintaining sifrei Torah be regular, affordable, and accessible.

Residents of Hamilton (or travelling Ontarians) can contact me to arrange a checkup appointment for their tefilin.

Email me with any questions or requests.

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