inspecting a Torah (taken by my 4-year-old)

I am a rabbi, scribe (STA”M), and artist living in Hamilton, Ontario. I happily inspect, repair, and write mezuzot, megilot, and sifrei Torah (and the odd get); it is an honour to help the community in Hamilton keep these mitzvot. I also take commissions for ketubot and other art- or calligraphy-related projects. Please contact me if you would like to commission something, e.g. mezuzot.

I am fortunate to have received a classical (“Orthodox”) rabbinic education. My own affiliation is best described as halakhic egalitarian. I hope that we will soon live in a world where the hiuv of women in positive, time-bound mitsvot is no longer a politicised wedge issue. It is, after all, a lineage of thought which can be traced back to R. Meir (BT Shabbat 62a).

My artwork has been exhibited at the Museum of Art Ein Harod (“Tosafot”), at several galleries in New York and L.A. (“JOMIX”), at Jüdisches Museum Hohenems in Austria (“Die weibliche Seite Gottes”), and here in Hamilton, at the Rosenshein Gallery (“Talmud Illuminated”) and upcoming at the Hamilton Public Library. I have also had poetry and scholarly articles published in various journals; you can find links to the articles here on the blog.

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